Makeup Services

Home Studio Services

Eyes Only—£20 (30 mins)
Full Face Makeup—£30 (60 mins)
1-2-1 Lesson—£80 (Up to 180 mins)

Freelance Services 

Eyes Only—£25 (30 mins)*
Full Face Makeup—£35 (60 mins)
1-2-1 Lesson—£100 (Up to 180 mins)

What’s included

Eyes Only—Full eye makeup. False lashes optional.
Full Makeup—Full eye makeup, lips, primer, foundation, blush, contour, highlight, brows. False lashes optional.
1-2-1 Lesson—Tutorial of full face makeup as listed above.

* Available on group bookings only

Glitter applications, lessons and kits coming soon!

Wedding prices available on consultation

Gift vouchers available